Gel Polish Remover Miracle!

Now and then I like to get a gel polish manicure.  They are so pretty and typically last 3-4 weeks for me.  The problem is removing the polish.   If you go back to the salon, they use the heavy artillery to remove it….and half of your nails.  Not great if you like your natural nails.

I was out and about shopping for some sweet polish for the nail polish swap coming up and I stumbled upon Gelish Artificial Nail Remover.  I thought it was worth a try for $5.  Mostly because I spent the previous night scraping the polish off my nails for way too long.  Not a fun time.

This stuff is bomb.  Serious.

First, rough up the top of the polish with a file.  Squirt some remover on a cotton ball and then wrap foil around your fingertip to keep the cotton ball on your nail.  Looks cool like this….cyber fingers!!!

Set your timer for 15 minutes.  Then take them off one at a time and scrape away the polish with your fingernail.  Comes off super easy.  Like you wouldn’t believe it easy.

 No polish.  No nail damage.  AWESOME…..