Nail Polish Swap Reveal!

I had the pleasure of participating in a nail polish swap put on by Perfectly Imperfect & I wore yoga pants to work.  
I was so much fun!  I have never done a swap before and I LOVED it.  I will definitely do this again!
I got to meet the lovely Libby from It’s never too late…although I’m always late.  She was my swap partner and she really did an amazing job with this swap.  She sent me so many polishes and goodies I was overwhelmed with ideas of what kind of manicure I should do.  I certainly didn’t want to disappoint her!  She picked out the most beautiful colors, I loved them all and it was SUPER hard to settle on what I should do!

Look at these pretties:

I finally settled (after much internal debate) on the turquoise and black polish.  Then I played with the cool stickers she sent me.  

Here are some things I did learn.  
1.  Um, how do you all take such great pix of your nails.  That sounds so easy, but goodness did I struggle trying to get a decent pic of my nails! lol
2.  I am not patient enough for tape manicures.  You know – paint a color, wait for it to dry, put painters tape on and paint the other color.  I had all the steps down pretty well, except wait for it to dry…all the way dry (details, details).

Anyway, I had a ton of fun!  Make sure you visit the other pages to see what they got in their swap packages!
Nail Polish Swap