Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I have seen so many Pinterest recipes for cauliflower pizza crust, I just had to try and make it.

First, what does it taste like and why would you make it?  It tastes a bit bread like but thicker than a flour pizza would be.  Maybe even a little similar to corn bread?

Why make it? If you have a goal of reducing carbs, going gluten or grain free or just want something that sticks with you more.

I followed Mommypotamus‘ recipe.  I think you can experiment with salt as well for a bit of variety.  I’ve used sea salt and garlic salt.  Depending on what compliments your toppings.


First rice your cauliflower, add coconut flour, salt, onion powder, eggs and cheese.  I have used both mozzarella and gruyere.  Mozzarella is preferred in my opinion.  🙂  Press on to parchment paper and shape into the pizza shape you desire.

Lets take a break and talk about parchment paper.  I recently learned that traditional parchment paper is really hard on the environment or it contains so many harsh chemicals, you just don’t want to use it.

There are two types: bleached and unbleached.  The bleached version has Dioxin that can leech out into your food.  Oh and it is a carcinogen.  😦  Moving on the unbleached version, this is not the perfect alternate you would think.  Many of them have a chemical called quilon made by Dupont.  I am no expert, but from what I have read – you probably want to avoid this.  I found this brand that is clean – to me, it is worth a few extra dollars for peace of mind that you aren’t poisoning your family!

I preheated my oven to 450 with a pizza stone on the middle oven rack.  I transferred my parchment paper with crust on top of the stone and baked for 20 minutes.  While it was baking I cooked some zucchini, peppers and onions on the stove top.

I buttered the edge of the crust and sprinkled a little garlic salt on it before I added the sauce, toppings and cheese.


Simply finish in the oven for 8-10 minutes until the cheese is melted.  You probably will need a fork to eat it, but the added benefit is you are truly full after two pieces.  Who can really say that after eating two slices of regular pizza?


Chicken under a Brick

Yes, you read that title correctly.

I enjoy cooking, learning new techniques, combining different flavors and hopefully pleasing the lovelies sitting at my table.  There is a local shop here that I adore going to that has a great array of all things kitchen, plus cooking classes.  Monthly, they send out a newsletter and it often inspires me.  This last newsletter talked about a book called “The Grilling Book“.  The pictures alone had me hooked.  Once I saw the recipe for Chicken under a Brick, I was off to the hardware store to get a brick!  I bought a square paver brick.  Boy did they think I was nuts for buying one 60 cent brick!

The hardest part about this recipe is you have to butterfly a whole chicken.  This involves removing the spine and breast bone.  Let me tell you, that was hard for me.  Not because it is terribly difficult to do. It is because I get rather squeamish about that sort of business.  I found out after, if you ask your butcher, they will most likely do this for you (ey yi yi, wish I would’ve knew that sooner!).

I will save you the details of how to do it.  You can either ask the butcher or google it – there are a bunch of videos that will give you all you need.

Once that is done, flatten it out on a clean surface and season.  Liberally put kosher salt and pepper to your taste, and some cayenne pepper.

Rub grape seed oil on it everywhere and now zest an entire lemon over it.  Last cut up about 3 Tbsp of fresh rosemary and put that on as well.  Season a bit more than you think.  This is not just a chicken breast, it is a large piece of meat and will need that flavor.  You can use your hands to rub in the seasons or a silicone brush:

Make sure you oil the grill grate before you start and then get it up to a medium-high heat.  While it is heating up, wrap your brick in foil so it is clean.

Place the chicken, skin side down on the grill and put the foil wrapped brick on top.  Cook until browned and crispy, at least 15 minutes.

Use tongs to set the brick aside, flip the chicken and place the brick back on top of it.  This keeps the meat in contact with the grill grates.  Cook for 10 minutes and repeat the flipping process until it is done.

How do you know if it is done?  Put a thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh to check for doneness (165 degrees).  It took about 55 minutes for my 4 pound chicken to be done.  I just set a timer for 10 minutes and would keep flipping it.  Once I got to 50 minutes, I started checking the temp.

Remember to let the meat rest while you get the rest of your dinner ready.  Don’t cut for a solid 10 minutes.

I also, grilled avocados.  Slice as normal, rub a bit of coconut oil, grill for 30-45 seconds.  NUMMY  My only regret is they didn’t get more grill marks, but that is just aesthetic.

This was a fun, adventurous meal for me.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy, which is the best part!!