New Craft Room

A lot has changed since I last wrote an entry on my blog.  One is that I have moved to a new home.  Which means I got the opportunity to design a new craft room! 😊

Some of the goals I wanted to incorporate were:

  • A place to craft with others
  • Plenty of storage
  • A better solution to actually SEEING what fabric I have
  • An inspiring place to work

A place to craft with others & plenty of storage

I love craft rooms that have a big work table in the middle of the room, however my space would not allow for that.  After much googling different tables, desks, DIY, etc my hubby had the brilliant idea of buying two desks and butting them together.  Some measuring, ordering with Black Friday discounts and MUCH assembly, I had my work surfaces!

This set up allowed for a big work surface when needed, plus the ability to have more than one person working in the room.


There is also plenty of storage space.  The drawers allow for organizing different supplies and tools. The printer shelves house plastic drawers and a great pull out option for my Cricut Explore Air 2!


I also purchased a cube like book shelf.  I opted not to put the back on it because I like the look of the wall showing through rather than just dark cubbies.  This has my albums, more supplies, 12×12 paper, etc.  The small wall wouldn’t have been very usable for much more, so I think this works in the space nicely.

A better solution for actually seeing my fabric

I decided to hang my bigger fabrics because they take up less room and you can see/feel them.  I might look for pants hangers, made for hanging several pants on one to organize it better, but for now I am in no hurry.  I repurposed some shelves I had by stacking them in the closet and putting similar fabrics together.

An inspiring place to work

I have a lot of work left to do in this category!  My initial thoughts are to:

  • Create a vinyl quote for the wall and surround it with art work that makes me smile
  • Maybe a couple floating shelves with fun decorations
  • 2 matching chairs….hopefully I can find some BLUE ones 💙
  • Bulletin board or magnetic board – not sure which quite yet
  • A spool holder for my threads – maybe on a turntable

How about you?  Where do you create?  Does your room inspire you?  What features do you love or want to change?


I didn’t make a vinyl quote but I did find some cool decor, floating shelves and awesome blue chairs!  I opted for a plastic case for thread.  More practical but less pretty.   I am still noodling on the bulletin board.  I am thinking a metal board covered in fabric.