Experimenting in the kitchen

I have been looking into a bunch of new, interesting things to make.  So, stay tuned to see what is going on.
First, I ordered some water kefir.  Go ahead and google it, I didn’t really know anything about it until a week or so ago.  
Here is the plan, take these little fellas and make flavored water kefir soda.  
Why you ask?  
Um, why not.
Making soda with yeast like creatures…oooo sciency!
Pick your own flavors and bottle them in old school flip top bottles!
This type of soda also helps with digestion and tummy aches.
And finally, why not?
Here is step one of the experiment….Assemble the necessities.
  • Quart jar
  • Coffee filter
  • Rubber band
  • Water kefir
  • 4 cups water
  • 4-6 Tbsp sugar (duh I opted for 6)
  • Wooden spoon
Warm up some of the water and disolve the sugar in it.  Add the rest of the water and make sure it is room temp.
Add water kefir and stir with a wooden spoon (no metal allowed).  
Cover with coffee filter and rubber band so it can breathe but nothing can get in.
Wait 3-4 days.  Sigh…that part is not fun.
Oh well, check in later and see what happens next!