Learning about making pasta

As you have figured out I am kind of a one note wonder lately.  I keep experimenting with my new pasta making attachments.  This will be a quick post of lessons learned.
1.  If you can find it, get some semolina flour.  Mix up some pasta flour to store in your pantry.  Basically it is 50/50 unbleached white flour and semolina flour.

You may be wondering why bother?  Well, first the pasta tastes better -duh.  Second, it is much easier to work with.  Semolina flour has more gluten in it and therefore is more stretchy, like… well… pasta.

2. If you live in a humid area or if your kitchen is humid, get a drying rack even if you are not planning on drying the pasta.  This will make transferring your cut pasta to the boiling water better.  No accidental clumping by squeezing too hard.
3.  Experiment!  There are so many recipes out there.  Try some!!!  I made lemon pepper fettuccine last night and it was a big hit.  The lemon and pepper flavors came through the pasta that did not disappoint.  
Easy recipe….
3/4 lb pasta flour
juice of one lemon
zest of three lemons
3 eggs
I just tossed with some butter and sea salt.  I should have taken a picture of it before we dug in.  It was pretty, really it was.  But it was nummy and the only picture I had a chance to grab was this one:

Happy New Years!