Gift Idea

My daughter recently had a darling baby girl.  🙂

I wanted to get her something that would be practical and nice.  Flowers in the hospital just wouldn’t do.
When I give a gift I try and think of what a person would really like, or enjoy or need.  I focused on the latter.  
What would she need help with?  What be overwhelming for her?  
Cooking dinners for her family when she got home.  
Unfortunately I couldn’t take time off work to stay home with her and help.  However, I could make some tasty meals that would be super simple for her.
My plan was formed..

  1. Get crock pot recipes.  
  2. Assemble ingredients and put them in 1 gallon bags.  
  3. Give to your favorite person with some crockpot liners.
The bags can be stored in the fridge and then just pop in the crockpot for easy meals.
This was super simple for me because I just used the sample menu plan from My family meal planner.  She has an entire cookbook of just crockpot recipes!  I am definitely going to buy it….I am just waiting a bit to see if she puts it in iPhone app form like one of her other cookbooks.