A very Happy Pinterest Birthday!

We have fun celebrating birthdays in my family.  It isn’t about presents, we focus on what the birthday person wants for dinner and what kind of dessert they would like to celebrate.

Recently it was my daughters birthday and she is a Pinterest girl.  She can get lost for hours on Pinterest getting distracted with a million things.  If you have been on the site, you can probably understand.  With that in mind this is what she selected for dinner….

Pizza Quessidillas:

*Extremely filling and quite delicious!

Red Potatoes with onions and garlic cooked on the grill:

*Not exactly from Pinterest but it is a favorite for sure!

Asparagus wrapped in bacon, cooked on grill and then drizzled with maple syrup:

*These were unbelievable….I could just eat them for dinner – NUM

Everything was super delicious and you would think we wouldn’t have room for dessert.  However, when you make high heel cupcakes, one simply MUST make room.

My next post will be on the step by step of how to make these beauties.  Stay tuned!

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