Alphabet Bean Bags

I thought I would make a set of alphabet bean bags for each of the grand babies for Christmas.  It was a pretty fun project!

First gather supplies.  You will need a bunch of fat quarters in colors you think will be appealing. Some fabric paint, alphabet stamps and a paint brush.

Once you have that gathered, decide how big you want your squares.  If you choose the finished size, add a 1/4 inch for seam allowance.  Now cut out two squares for each letter. On half of the squares stamp your letters on.  You could let them dry 24 hours at this point if yours look good.  Mine were ok, so we touched up with a paintbrush just to make the letters pop more.

Once dry, stitch with right sides together.  Look at where you are going to start, estimate about 2/3 down and start sewing there, follow around on the other three sides and then finish up on the side you started on and sew about 1/3 more.  Then you should end up with only one side having an opening in the middle about 1/3 of the length of that side.
Turn it right side out and fill with just over 1/2 cup of split peas or whatever beans you like.  You may need more or less filling depending on the size of your bags.  Mine were 5 inches.
Tuck in raw edges and stitch closed the opening.  I put a locking stitch in the beginning and end just to make sure it would hold up.
You will end up with a super cute, original toy for someone special!



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