Apple cupcakes, well sort of

Do you ever get excited when you are making something and forget your original intentions?

Well when I was making these…

I kind of forgot that I was planning on putting this on the blog.  Meaning I should take pictures the whole time I am making them.  They were just so darn cute I got a little lost.
First pull together the supplies:
And I even forgot the sprinkles here – geez where was my head!

Any how, here is the hard part, wait until the eggs are room temperature.  This makes a difference but it is a pain.

I just bought a vanilla cake mix.  You add 4 room temp eggs, 1 cup of buttermilk (you can see I use powdered because I just don’t use it up fast enough) and whatever the box says for oil (mine was 1/3C).
Bake in super cute red muffin liners.  There are so many neat ones these days, I’m going to have to do some shopping.  
Frost them and put a half of a donut on top (slice so you keep the shape).  Then freeze for 10 minutes and frost over the donut so it looks like an apple.
Roll out tootsie pops & fruit tootsie pops for the stem and leaves (use a mini rolling pin for the leaves and then cut with a knife and shape). Yep no picture for the leaves.
Put red sprinkles on the frosting and pop in the stem and leaf!
If you still want to play, take a fork and pull out an imaginary bite. Put in white frosting and chocolate covered sunflower seeds (2 Cute!!)
OK, I should probably not be left alone in the kitchen when bored….you never know what kind of trouble I am going to make!! 

What’s for dinner tonight?

Mexican Pasta Skillet!!

Start with these…

Boil 8 oz (half of a box) of elbow macaroni.
Brown & drain 1lb ground beef or turkey.

Actually before I move on, I have to share my favorite Pampered Chef tool.  No clue what it is called but it is for browning hamburger.  It is sharp enough on the bottom to cut up the meat and many spoke like parts so breaking up the meat is a breeze.  Even when they aren’t quite thawed out. 😉

OK, moving on.  Once all that is done, mix drained beef and pasta.  Add one can of UNDRAINED corn and tomatoes. I like the RoTel ones because they have a kick.  Add either one package of taco seasoning or 1/4 cup if you buy the warehouse size!

Heat it up and serve.  Nummy!!

If you are counting points, the Mexican Pasta Skillet is only 7 points.  🙂