Time goes by fast

I was organizing some photos this morning mostly because I just got this installed in my scrapbook room:

So I am really in the scrapbooking / creative mood.  So, I was looking at some photos and while we keep commenting how much Nick is growing right now, these photos really sum it up.
Basically, enjoy each and every moment because they certainly are fleeting!!! The older I get the more I feel like my life is in fast forward!  No need to dwell on that, just learn a lesson to embrace what is currently happening.  Nothing good comes out of longing for the past or worrying about the future.

Monster cupcakes

My dear friend gave me a present last night.  A wonderful book:

This inspired us today to create MONSTER CUPCAKES!!!

You bake mini & regular sized cupcakes…we made strawberry – mmmm

Then you assemble the mini one on top of the big one with a dab of frosting.  Then wiggle frosting everywhere.

Assembling monster eyeballs can be a tricky thing.  You pull a gummy peach ring around a Dum-Dum sucker.  Then add a little white frosting and a mini M&M.

Insert eyeballs in and Viola!