Post ImageHere is a neat little story I read & thought I should share with you.

I met him at a party. There he was at the end of the buffet….a loner; the last one on the plate. He had a certain something…a sweetness, a sensuality. He was one hot cookie. I felt as if I’d always known him…hungered for him. When he looked at me with those warm brown eyes, I melted. Before I knew it, I had my hands on him, my mouth on him…in public. After that night, we were inseparable. With him I could be myself. he didn’t seem to care what mood I was in, how I looked or even if I gained weight. Together we had the recipe for happiness. No one satisfied me like Chip.


My friends said he was no good for me. They were not impressed by the fact that he was rich, too. They told me that he would eventually cost me both physically and financially, though I thought he satisfied all my physical and material needs. But then he started to give me heartburn. I was feeling sick, and I was definitely spending too much money just to have him. I felt crumby, but it had to end. Now we’ve gone our separate ways. I hardly think of him anymore. Oh, if I see a certain TV commercial, a particular magazine ad, a coupon for cents off…that old longing returns. And when we run into each other in the supermarket, we nod. We’re friendly. But it’s OVER! No more mouth over his hot, golden brown body. No more bringing Chip home to devour! I guess that’s how the cookies crumble! But it does end happily. I have met the APPLE of my eye. Jonathan always has a fresh, crisp appearance. He fills and satisfies me much more than Chip ever could. He fills me so I no longer hunger for Chip. He’s sweet, too, but not sickening sweet. Although Jonathan and I had been acquaintances before, I now am quite friendly with him and devour him daily since January. And you all know that he keeps me healthy because an apple a day keeps the doctor away! I pray that you all meet the apple of your eye and wish you all good health and prosperity.

*Republished from my friend BettyBets.  Thanks!!

Cinnamon and Saturdays

I love Saturday mornings.  Well, most of them.  My ideal one is nothing scheduled, wake up and make nummy coffee and something special for the family.  This morning it was cinnamon rolls.  They make your house smell wonderful and everyone likes them.  I limited myself to one (this was hard) but I did it.  However, the pan looked like this even though only two people were up.

Now I will let you figure this one out.  The other evidence is someone looking like this:

I guess when it comes to cinnamon rolls on a lazy Saturday morning, all you can expect is this:

Enjoy your day!!!