Chocolate Chip Deliciousness

Is there anything more satisfying than a warm chocolate chip cookie?  No, I didn’t think so.  Today I watched (once more) an Alton Brown show about how to modify your chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It used to baffle me as to how one time my cookies would be fluffy and cake like and the next time they were flat and crispy.  Not that either of these cookies were bad, mind you, but we all do have our preference.

Today I was craving some cake like chocolate chip cookies.  So I modified the Toll House standard recipe.  What changes to that good old standard?

1.  Used half baking soda & half baking powder.

2.  Used half butter and half shortening.

Some things I normally do that I think make a difference:

1. Cream the butter or shortening with your sugars before you add the wet stuff  (last you add the dry stuff, but you probably figured that out).

2. Cook on parchment paper so you can pull off the cookie sheet when you take them out of the oven because make no mistake they WILL continue to cook.

3. Which brings me to, pull them out of the oven when they don’t look quite done.  A little brown on the outside, but not in the middle.

Anyway, no matter how you make them chocolate chip cookies just make people smile!


How does your garden grow?

Last weekend we worked on the garden.  The rabbit fence from last year did it’s job well but it was rather hard to bend over and get stuff out of the garden!  This year we put the fence on the outside so you just have to step over it to get inside.  Notice the step stool so I don’t have TOO many accidents!

We are also changing how we are planting this year.  Our neighbor is very creative with space and has many of his vegetables growing up on string, including tomatoes.  Harvesting them from a wall like view rather then those silly wire circle things is so much easier.  So, in the actual garden bed we have a large herb section, red, yellow, orange & purple peppers and zuchini.  In the green containers, yet to be filled, we will have big boy tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes & cucumbers.  All of them will be able to grow up the rabbit fence and eventually higher on string between poles.

I did a little canning last year and it went much better than expected.  I was bummed when I ran out so I am going to try and do more this year.

Next project, maybe a cute scarecrow for the corner?  🙂

How about you?  Any gardening planned this year?


Delicious Treat!

I decided to make this recipe that my co-worker had once brought in to work.  Very delicious & low calorie!

I kind of modified the recipe (surprise, surprise).  Here is a recap of what I did:

I started by leaving all frozen yogurts on the counter for a bit to melt.  Crunch up 14 reduced fat Oreo cookies.  Then take a spring form pan and push them in the bottom to form a crust.  Spoon the chocolate yogurt in.  Smooth that out and put vanilla yogurt next. I couldn’t find any coffee flavored frozen yogurt, so I used a low calorie ice cream – this goes next. Cover the whole thing with tin foil and put in the freezer overnight.  When you are ready to serve, remove the side of the pan & sprinkle mini marshmallows, peanuts and sugar free fudge over the top (you don’t need much – I thought everything would fall off, so I kind of smashed the nuts & marshmallows in a bit before I put the fudge on). Cut into cheesecake like slices and serve.  Super nummy! 🙂