How do you meal plan?

I enjoy meal planning for the benefits.  Cost savings, time savings & general worry savings (what oh what do I make for dinner tonight…take out pizza?). For the last few weeks I have been super diligent planning my meals (truth time – it’s because I am doing Weight Watchers and I do much better when I plan 🙂 ). Planning usually takes me about 45 minutes.  This is usually because I am digging through recipes and thinking about what sounds good, what is good for us, what is in season & what do I really have time to make.

I found a new service that has potential to be pretty amazing. It is called e-mealz. For only $1.25 per week they give you a meal plan for the week complete with shopping and pantry guide. How awesome is that? They plan 7 meals a week for you.  This is good because I probably won’t love one or two of them.  I have found that between leftovers and the occasional dinner out, planning 5 meals is perfect. This is the first week I have subscribed to it (you buy 3 month subscriptions for $15) and I have to tell you , I am very excited about it.  I crossed the stuff off of the grocery list I don’t need and added a couple extras and I was off to the store!  What a time savings!  I tried a couple of their recipes last week and they were very good.

Here’s to home cooked meals and less stress!

Baking a caterpillar?

Today I had the day off.  Perfect.  Loads of laundry, many square feet of flooring that should be vacuumed, not to mention clutter pretty much everywhere.

Everything started pretty innocent. Made some coffee and relaxed reading a few of my favorite blogs. Well Bakerella inspired me (nothing new here, she is amazing). So instead of being a responsible adult I decided to bake SOMETHING. I decided that the “something” needed to be chocolate regardless of the diet I am on. Then I thought about the fondant in the cupboard.  What oh what can I make with that fun substance.  Flowers! Flowers are perfect for fondant. I baked the cakes in small torte pans and a round pan, thinking I would make cute flowers.

This changed when said cake would not come out of the pans nicely! Kyleigh came up with a fun idea of a caterpillar and no more encouragement was needed!

What a fun little fella. He needed a leaf to cozy up to so that one is mainly frosting with a little fondant.

Needless to say, it was nummy. Glad I did this rather than all my laundry.  🙂